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Ford Conservation Efforts Aims for Zero Water Use

As an internationally renowned automotive leader, Ford understands the significant influence it has on the betterment of the future. That is why the automaker strives to improve its manufacturing methods. One of the automaker's more recent objectives has been to envision a greener tomorrow, and it plans to achieve that goal by reducing its carbon footprint by conserving limited natural resources like water.

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2017 Ford Focus RS is a Hot Hatch Unlike Any Other

Has your new-car search led you to the hot hatchback segment? Well, if so, we here at Holt Motors Inc. think you'd likely be well-served by ours, the 2017 Ford Focus RS.

And why's that?

Allow AutoGuide.com Road Test Editor Dan Ilika to explain; his appraisal of the Focus RS is as follows:

Ford delivered a straight-up doozy of the drivetrain with the Focus RS.

Mating with a six-speed manual transmission, its turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine emits a truly elephantine 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Standard fare also includes all-wheel drive.

And it's…

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Is Your Car Invincible?

You may feel as if your car is invincible. It never has had any issues. It's the portrait of dependability. Even good cars have bad days. Mechanical issues happen to the best of cars. It might seem overly cautious to get your car checked before a road trip. This might seem true if you've never experienced any break downs.

The simple truth is every car eventually breaks down. The wear and tear eventually wins out. It could put you in a bad predicament. What if you're taking a road trip? Do you get your car maintenance scheduled…
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The Importance Of Keeping Your Car Clean

Who doesn’t love a clean shiny vehicle? That just washed gleam in the summer sun looks good on any car, no matter the style or the age. But there are some other reasons to keep the outside of your car clean, besides how great it looks. That paint job protects your car from rust and corrosion.

A car’s paint job goes through a lot of abuse. Sun, wind, road debris, salt, sand, pollen, and weather all wreck havoc on our vehicles. Build up of debris becomes like sand paper and will wear away the paint. This will leave…
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Be Safe on the Road!

Driving on the road is a big responsibility, and with every year it becomes a bigger responsibility with more and more people getting their drivers licenses every month. Luckily, I've been a pretty safe driver for a rather large part of my life, so I'll share a few of my tips with you:

Set your phone down - plug your phone in, and hook it up via Blue Tooth before you take off so that you can have a safe, and hands-free commute.

Check windshield condition - Make sure you check your windshield before you leave, check for cracks or…
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A Quick Look At The Three Trim Levels For The 2017 Ford Escape

Three trim levels are available with the 2017 Ford Escape. The base or S trim level of this SUV seats 5 passengers and has front-wheel drive. It has a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine that can develop 168 hp and torque of 170 lb-ft. With its 6-speed automatic transmission, the Escape S gets fuel economy of 21 mpg in city driving and 29 mpg in highway driving.

The trim level SE is a step above the S trim. The SE has a turbocharged 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine that can generate 179 hp with torque of 177 lb-ft. Like the…
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The Ford C-Max and the Household Budget

Taking advantage of the budgetary advantages of the Ford C-Max is as simple as looking at the money saved on gas, and then being able to place considerations related to fuel expenses in a secondary category. Being able to shrug off concerns related to the fuel economy of one's vehicle opens up a lot of doors with regard to being able to consider other household concerns. The Ford C-Max is a car which opens up possibilities in a variety of areas, but especially with regard to the way in which the budget of a C-Max owner can be more…
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